Google’s Android Renders Mobile Binary Options Trading Child’s Play

While Apple and its devices like the iPhone or the iPad may be the “apple of the eyes” of millions of Apple fans (“fan boys”) globally, when it comes to actual deployment and usage of smartphones and tablets with regard to the OS that they run on, it is Android from Google which easily pips Apple to the post.

To quite an extent this is not something very difficult to fathom. For starters, you will find that there are hundreds of different devices which run on Android vis-à-vis just the iPhone as the phone offering from Apple and the iPad as its tablet offering. Besides the smartphone category, even within the tablet realm, you will find that there are choices galore as far as ones which run on Android are concerned.

This kind of variety did not take long to catch the eye of binary options traders and within no time we witnessed a scenario where they took to Android devices in a big way to trade in the binary options that they desired.

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The Offering of Android Binary Options Apps Made a LOT of Difference

While Android as an OS for mobile devices has been around for a while, in fact even before Google brought it within its folds, it is really the offering of dedicated apps for Android devices from binary options brokers which really made the difference as far as uptake among binary options traders is concerned. Till then, there was really little uptake among the Android community who relied relatively less on the mobile interfaces of the web version of the same platforms as for the PC or desktop.

With dedicated apps, things certainly became far more streamlined. From the point of view of the brokers themselves, there was a sea change since the entire interface could be highly customized to meet the needs and expectations of patrons.

Lack of a Cost Factor

The lack of a cost factor also played its part in increasing uptake. Whether you download binary broker’s apps from Google’s Play Store for Android or eventually use them on your device after downloading, there is absolutely no cost involved at any stage.

Further, specific to Android devices there is enormous flexibility since the choices of devices themselves is nothing short of enormous. So no matter which device you choose to trade binary options on, you would consistently have a pleasant experience, thanks to the pliable nature of Android as an OS across all of these devices.

The Evolving Nature of Android and the Devices it runs on

Another very important factor would be the way in which Android as an OS for mobile devices has constantly evolved over time. Being largely open source in nature, with a high degree of customization possible from the end of the manufacturers offering devices that run on it, its uptake has been great.

Not only that the manufacturers themselves have striven really hard to offer excellent user experience on their devices. Take companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Google itself with its Nexus range – among many other names, and you will find devices which can easily give Apple and its iPhone / iPad a run for their money. In particular, you will find Android devices galore which have really large screens, rendering them the unique name of “phablets” which is essentially a portmanteau of “phones” and “tablets”. These large screens are really vivid and crystal clear which makes using them for purposes such as mobile binary options while on the go a really pleasurable experience.

Clearly, the overall rub-off effects on binary options traders who have taken to Android devices with a vengeance has been prolific whereby they have made the clear choice to trade in binary options exclusively on their smart, capable and highly vivid Android devices.

No Limitation

There is no limitation of any kind on the Android app or user interface, vis-à-vis the desktop one. So you can pretty much do everything that you can on the desktop, on your handheld Android device. So whether you want to trade options for stocks, commodities, forex or indices, you will be able to do so with the same level of ease, as on the desktop.

Further, you will also be able to contact Customer Support via these Android apps, the same way that you could on the desktop interface. At we particularly double checked on this particular aspect and found absolutely nothing amiss at all.


As we at have increasingly observed, just as with the world at large, within the binary options traders community as well, it is Android devices which rule the roost, thanks particularly to the fact that there are so many of these devices around.

This is a trend which we only expect to rise going forward since there are so many more Android devices – both smartphones and tablets, on the anvil!

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