A Close Look at the Best Binary Options Brokers for Mobile Trading

With more and more binary options traders going mobile, it is but natural that brokers themselves are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that when it comes to the platforms on which they operate, they are perfectly aligned with trader preferences.

Accordingly, besides the typical PC or desktop based interface, more and more brokers are relying on developing top quality mobile interfaces so that traders can trade on them with ease. In most cases, brokers are offering dedicated apps where traders can do pretty much everything that they otherwise would on a desktop based interface. So whether it is trading in asset classes such as stocks, indices, commodities, and forex; conducting prior research before trading using relevant charts, graphs, news reports, etc. ; or simply contacting customer support for any queries or clarifications that they might have, traders are able to do all this and more on the apps that brokers offer.

Further, it is perfunctory for us at Mobiletradors.com to mention that brokers offer mobile apps free of charge; so there is no cost element involved in downloading and using the mobile apps that brokers offer. The only possible cost would be at the mobile network operator’s end, in case trading is not being done in a charge less Wi-Fi mode, and there are substantial data costs that the operator levies. Otherwise, whether it is downloading apps or using them, there is no cost involved at all.

Moreover, brokers have gone the extra mile to ensure that their dedicated mobile apps are available for all possible mobile platforms. So whether it is iOS for Apple devices, Android for devices running on the mobile OS from Google, or even Windows Phone from Microsoft, you will find that there are dedicated apps available for every such platform. That way, irrespective of the platform on which traders may be on, they can trade with complete ease.

Another noteworthy point would be that mobile trading in today’s context is taking place not only on smartphones but also on tablets such as the iPad from Apple as well as the relatively large number of tablet devices that run on Google’s Android or Windows Phone. While the apps themselves are relatively similar for both smartphones and tablets, the brokers themselves have done everything possible to ensure that traders have a seamless experience across devices.

With this detailed perspective in place, without further ado, let us look at some of the most popular and well known binary options brokers, with a focused perspective on mobile trading alone.


At Mobiletradors.com we tested one of the most prolific and long standing binary options brokers for their mobile interface and found nothing amiss. They have high quality apps on offer for both Android and Apple interfaces which means that you can easily use Anyoption while on the go across a variety of devices without any qualms. On both Android and Apple, we found the experience to be high quality and did not face any limitation as such.

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24Option probably is one of the most reputed names in the binary options space and to a large extent that is with very good reason. Its asset classes and indeed its entire interface is really admired by traders and that is an aspect which it has carried forward in its mobile interface with absolute aplomb.

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Yet another high quality binary options broker, EZTrader is particularly held in high esteem for the brilliant mobile interface that it offers. Again, apps are available for all commonly used mobile interfaces, which means you will face no issue as such. One particularly noteworthy aspect about EZTrader is that it was one of the pioneers in mobile binary options whereby others did take cues from it, so you can be assured you would be dealing with one of the best in this space!

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US traders particularly appreciate TradeRush since it confirms to their market regulations. Further, given that US traders typically tend to be very mobile savvy, TradeRush has left no stone unturned in ensuring that when it comes to its mobile interface, there is absolutely nothing amiss whatsoever.

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Whether you trade on your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device, we are very confident that you will enjoy the experience of trading in mobile binary options on OptionFair – they have built such a solid mobile interface!

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In conclusion we can safely assert that when it comes to mobile binary options trading, these are some of the best brokers that you can opt for without hesitation!