EZTrader Lives Up to its Name with its Mobile Trading Apps!

EZTrader has a reputation in the binary options brokerage space as being a player that has been around for a while now and has been able to deliver quality experiences to traders consistently.

At Mobiletradors.com we of course like to get into the depth of matters and as we found over the course of our usage of the mobile interface at EZTrader, there is very good reason for it to have such a strong reputation!

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Lowdown on Apps

EZTrader offers its mobile apps for both Android and Apple interfaces. That way, whether you are on any of the numerous Android devices or ones from Apple such as iPhone or even the iPad, you can use its apps without qualms.

As far as quality of its apps is concerned, we tested them extensively and found them to be very intuitive. To give you an example, we tried trading across all possible asset classes such as stocks, indices, commodities and forex, and not once did we face any issues. This includes trying the unique ‘SellOption’ feature unique to EZTrader which essentially allows traders to sell their binary options even before they have expired; even in that case, we did not face any challenges while doing so on their mobile interface. Therefore, from a trading perspective in particular, we would definitely give the mobile trading apps from EZTrader, big thumbs up.

Further, we must also add that it was really very easy to navigate through the apps and essentially learn the ropes for easy trading. Otherwise, this does turn out to be a major issue whereby interfaces can end up being so complex that many prospective traders end up simply giving up on them! With EZTrader that is clearly not the case at all and as we see, it fully lives up to its name whereby trading on it is well and truly EASY!!

Then just as in the case of mobile apps from other traders such as 24Option or AnyOption, there is no cost involved to downloading and using these apps – just go to the respective app stores on either Google Play Store or Apple iTunes App Store and you would be good to go to get yourself the app of your choice. Downloading the app will take you very little time, and so will installing it on to your device. Once you are done with these initial processes, you will be free to use them to your heart’s content!


Many prospective traders have written to us voicing concerns about the stability of many mobile apps for binary options trading and we must say that in this case we found the apps from EZTrader to be completely stable. So you need not have any concerns about ending up losing out on lucrative trades which might have fetched you handsome profits.

After all, when it comes to binary options as a whole, timing is crucial – if you do not time your trades well, it is very likely that you will lose out on what could possibly be a really lucrative trade.

Further, stability is crucial from the point of security as well – you do not want any of your personal details to be compromised, especially ones which are of a financial nature, such as your credit card or bank details. Again, it would be worthy to reiterate that EZTrader scores well on this front as well since security is something which is assured beyond any reasonable doubt, on its mobile apps.


In conclusion, after having tested the mobile interface on EZTrader quite extensively, we can assert with confidence that this is a platform which you can trust and place your faith in. Otherwise, there is always a nagging concern at the back of the mind as to whether or not the platform in question is really trustworthy; in the case of EZTrader and its mobile platform, that fact is asserted beyond question.

The only concern if any, that we can possibly think of, remains with regard to connectivity – always ensure that you are well connected to the Internet before embarking on a trade. Therefore, as a corollary, if you are in an area where Internet connectivity might be unstable, it would probably be wise to avoid trading in binary options since just as you’re planning to sell, or place some other trade, things may go awry. You certainly do not want to be caught on a wrong footing; that is the reason, place your bets with caution especially if connectivity happens to be an issue.

Beyond that, at Mobiletradors.com we do not foresee any other issue or concern as such whereby you should be able to trade in all possible asset classes and binary options with equal ease, across an entire plethora of mobile devices.

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