It is fair to say that OptionFair offers a Spectacular Mobile Trading Experience!

When it comes to mobile trading in binary options, the overall experience to traders really matters and that is where we find OptionFair as a broker doing its utmost best to ensure that when it comes to the overall experience that it has to offer to traders, it is nothing short of spectacular!

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Lowdown on the Mobile Interface from OptionFair

OptionFair offers its mobile interface for both Android and Apple interfaces. What this means for you as a trader is that you can easily trade in binary options across a plethora of new age devices. This not only includes smartphones but also tablets, especially the iPad which is a preferred choice of mobile device among many traders.

In the case of OptionFair, it has gone a reasonable length to ensure that whether it is the tablet spectrum or the smartphone one, either way, traders get to enjoy a really positive experience. In fact as we at experienced, the mobile interface is customized in such a way that traders can easily cherish the trading occurrence to their fullest on tablets (like the iPad) as much as they can on smartphones – as a trader, you will not feel that you are being compelled to adjust and accommodate to your device (and its respective screen size, resolution, etc.).

Downloading the mobile apps from the respective app stores takes mere seconds as we noted, especially on Wi-Fi. In fact, in this regard too, OptionFair has taken a lot of effort to ensure that when it comes to the overall size of the app, it is really small. That way, it does not end up taking too much memory space on your device. This is important given that we like to carry around a lot of media on our devices, in addition to the fact that unfortunately, many of these devices do not come with added memory space (or provision for SD cards, etc.) whereby your only option is to go with the memory space that is available on the device.

Further, it is very important for us to point out that when it comes to the mobile apps from OptionFair, they do not cost any money separately, for downloading or using. So you can simply go to the respective app stores for Android or Apple, and download and subsequently use the apps in question, without having to worry about costs. Eventually costs if any would only be mobile network related and will have nothing to do with the apps themselves or their usage.


As we at noted, the dedicated mobile app from OptionFair comes loaded with features. To give you an example, security is one of the foremost features that it has to offer – while trading on the go on the mobile app from OptionFair you can be certain that your data, your trades, your personal information, etc. will all remain completely safe and secure, without any scope for compromise as such. This is important when we consider the fact that data theft is a HUGE concern among traders.

Then as far as asset classes are concerned, you will have quick and easy access to all of them on your mobile device. At the end of the day, no matter which binary options trade you wish to wager your chances on, you will find that you will be able to do so with finesse.

An added advantage in case of OptionFair is the wide and varied currency choices that it offers which include Hungarian Forint as well as the Russian Ruble, apart from more commonly seen choices such as the US Dollar, the Euro, as well as GBP.

Then when it comes to the kind of payouts that you can expect while mobile trading on the go with OptionFair, they are a phenomenal 89%, i.e. the same as what you can expect on the desktop interface. In other words, as we at noted, OptionFair keeps the RoI or Return on Investment the same as is the case on the desktop interface, which is really great since with the added advantage of mobility, at the end of the day, you are able to obtain the same kind of returns as you would expect on a static desktop interface.


OptionFair has clearly gone to great lengths to ensure that when it comes to its mobile trading interface, traders face no challenges whatsoever. On the contrary, they are expected to find the going really simple and easy, and OptionFair offers to them precisely that.

In conclusion, it would only be fair to say that if you are looking for an excellent, no holds barred, uncompromised experience in trading in binary options while you are on the move, you need not look any further than OptionFair.

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