Mobile Trading on TradeRush gives a whole new Rush!

Within a span of 3 years (at the time of writing this piece), TradeRush has quickly established itself as a formidable player as far as binary options brokers are concerned. In fact at we are well aware of traders who emphatically swear by TradeRush to the extent that they will not even consider the prospect of any other binary options broker.

There are many reasons for this strong preference among traders, with the possibility of earning a staggering 78% returns on investment a major one. At the same time, it has to be said that the very fact TradeRush offers its binary options interface on handheld devices has proven to be a huge draw for traders – now, they need not slouch on their desktops or notebooks to trade in their favorite binary options; they can very well do so even while on the move!

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Mobile Trading on TradeRush

TradeRush offers dedicated apps for both Android and Apple interfaces. That way, whether you are on any of the numerous Android devices, or Apple devices like the iPhone or the iPad, you will be able to trade with complete ease.

At we tested the apps from TradeRush on both platforms and each time, we found the experience to be extremely pleasurable. For instance, navigating through both iterations of the apps was extremely easy. There is practically no lag at all and transitions from one screen to another are very smooth.

Then besides trades themselves, there is a lot more that you can do on these apps. For instance, preliminary research is a very important part of trading in binary options and TradeRush being well aware of that, offers ample avenues for traders to do so. As an example, you can browse through plentiful charts and graphs to get a good idea of the direction in which the wind is blowing, figuratively speaking, from the point of view of the trades you intend to make. There is also easy access to news items whereby you can again get cues on the kind of trades you should be placing.

A great feature inherent to TradeRush as a whole, but deserves special mention here since it is available via the mobile interface as well, is that of 60 second trades wherein you can place trades which can expire in as little as a minute! This is brilliant, especially considering the highly lucrative trades which can be placed – and thus significant profits made, in what is essentially a matter of a minute!!

Another facet, again inherent to TradeRush as a whole but once again deserves to be mentioned in this context since the feature is available on the mobile interface as well is that of Bitcoin acceptance as trades. In other words, while placing your trades, you can do so using Bitcoins as well. This is again a huge advantage in the case of TradeRush as a whole since there are few, if any binary options brokers who have actually taken the plunge to accept Bitcoin trades as well. At we wholeheartedly appreciate this initiative on the part of TradeRush.


TradeRush undoubtedly offers an eclectic range of features not quite seen in the case of other binary options brokers. Take the instance of Bitcoins being accepted for trading which is a feature yet to be seen on other binary options brokers. Then there is also the 60 second trades feature which is again not seen with other brokers.

But specific to the mobile platform, what we at really like is the fact that all of these features are available to patrons trading on the go. Today this is one of the most important facets of binary options trading – if brokers fail to offer a suitable mobile platform on which traders can place their trades, then the latter tend to shy away. As a corollary, if the same is offered with panache, traders find such brokers practically irresistible!

In the case of TradeRush what we really liked is the fact that they keep updating their mobile apps. So whether you are on Android or Apple devices / interfaces, you will find that as you go to the respective app store, you will always have the latest version waiting for you to download.

Likewise, even after you have downloaded and installed the latest version from the respective app stores, TradeRush works hard to offer updates to their offerings. That way any bugs can be done away with, while also ensuring that you have easy access to all the latest features on their mobile app.

Downloading or updating always took us just a few moments, especially when connected on a high speed, stable connection.

With all of these features in place, it is amply clear that TradeRush is one of the foremost mobile trading platforms out there for binary options!

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