The Windows Phone Mobile Binary Options Trading Community continues to rise

While Windows Phone as a mobile OS may only be playing catch up with the biggies like Android and Apple iOS, truth is that its market share is only increasing with each passing day.

Maybe when you read this piece a few years hence (or even less – who knows?!), it would have caught up very well with the likes of Android and Apple iOS.

At we say this because the uptake of Windows Phone is only increasing substantially with each passing day. More and more smartphone and tablet manufacturers are offering their devices on Windows Phone, vis-à-vis the likes of Android. Of course, the very fact that Microsoft is at the helm of affairs of Windows Phone – and indeed the fact that Windows Phone is the mobile device concurrent of Windows OS – the world’s most popular OS for desktops, notebooks and PCs, has had a major role to play.

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Increasing Supply of Dedicated Apps for Binary Options Trading

While at the moment it may be safe to say that among binary options brokers, it is Android and Apple iOS which rule the roost as far as dedicated apps for trading is concerned, this trend is being seen in the case of Windows Phone as well whereby more and more brokers are offering the same apps for Windows Phone as well.

Without a doubt, the fact that there are more and more devices in the market running on Windows Phone has had a major role to play in that.

Complete Access to all Features on Windows Phone

Further, when it comes to trading on Windows Phone devices, at, we found absolutely nothing amiss. So it is not like just because you have a Windows Phone device, that you will not be able to perform a certain set of features on it – at the end of the day, you will be able to do pretty much everything that you could on your Android or Apple device.

Moreover, it is also about familiarity – while a lot of us may not be familiar with Apple iOS or Android interfaces, till we actually possess a device which run on them, when it comes to Windows Phone, a vast majority of us are already very well familiar with the interface since we have been using Windows PCs since really long! This by itself has had a major role to play as far as uptake of Windows Phone is concerned, which in turn is a trend that is being reflected among the binary options trader’s community as well.

The No Cost Factor Applies here as well…

Just as with Android or iOS platforms, in the case of Windows Phone too, there is no cost involved as far as downloading the application and using it is concerned. Yes, as we mentioned earlier, the very presence of dedicated Windows Phone apps among binary options brokers is limited at the moment but that is a trend which is only likely to increase going forward. As that happens – when we see more and more of the binary options brokers offering dedicated apps for trading in binary options you will find that the whole enthusiasm factor as far as Windows Phone and the prospect of trading in binary options on it will increase substantially.


Against the above mentioned backdrop, there are some challenges which are worthy of being mentioned.

First up, as mentioned, there aren’t too many devices that run on Windows Phone. So if you are a trader who has a device which runs on Windows Phone, you would essentially be in the minority.

Further, as has also been mentioned previously, not all binary options brokers are offering dedicated apps for Windows Phone at the moment. Yet, on an optimistic note, we are confident that this is a trend which will change, especially as more Windows Phone devices come to the fore, with traders too taking to them with enthusiasm.

A final point that we at would like to mention that even with increasing Windows Phone devices, along with the fact that Windows as an OS is one which a lot of us are quite familiar with, long standing users of Android or iOS will face some challenges when they first start using their Windows Phone device because of the unfamiliarity involved. Of course, this would only be a temporary affair / concern.


Windows Phone is no doubt gaining steam. If you are a trader possessing a Windows Phone device, you may very well be in the minority of such traders (vis-à-vis the other OS devices that most traders would be on) but that is really not a reason for concern.

In any case, traction for Windows Phone is increasing and the binary options broker’s community is well aware of this trend, for which it increasingly coming out with dedicated apps.

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